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Seafood (PES)

With decades of experience Finnair Cargo offers a reliable and fast solution for the transportation of fresh fish and seafood featuring Nordic cool chain, daily frequencies and top priority handling. By choosing Finnair as a partner, customer will benefit from the top quality services and the most direct routes between Europe and Asia. 


Information and labeling

Wet cargo

Very often perishable cargo meets the definition of wet cargo: “Wet cargo means shipments containing liquids, or shipments which by their nature may produce liquids.” Wet cargo should be packed and handled in a manner that prevents any spillage inside aircraft.

General restrictions for Perishable Cargo

Finnair does not carry whale meat or whale meat products.

Marking and Labelling

All perishable shipments should be labelled with the standard IATA “PERISHABLE” label. Where appropriate, packages and containers of perishable goods should also be labelled with the standard IATA package orientation (“THIS WAY UP”) label and marking showing the desired temperature. Note! IATA Time and Temperature Sensitive-label must not be used for other perishables than pharmaceuticals.

Acceptance of perishable shipments

Perishable shipments are not accepted if the contents do not appear to be in good condition, the packaging appears to be inadequate or if it is evident that the goods will not reach their destination in a satisfactory condition or it will not be possible to deliver the goods to the consignee. Shipper’s instructions concerning temperature should be followed as strictly as possible.

Short time transit

Short transit times in Helsinki combined with great geographical location ensure one of the fastest routings from Northern Europe to Asia.

Total transportation time with Finnair Cargo is ~34 hours:

Temperature controlled facilities in Helsinki hub

Fresh fish must be completely enclosed in waterproof material and handled as “wet cargo”. Any wet ice used needs to be sealed within its own watertight container. The correct SPH code information from the customer is the key in ensuring proper storage for fish and seafood.

Covered cargo dollies for temperature controlled units

- Dollies are designed to protect CRT/COL units during transportation from cargo terminal to aircraft stands in Helsinki Hub.
- They are also used to protect shipments from direct sunshine in summertime.


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