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Dear Customer

Strike and support actions planned for Friday, March 17 from 3 pm – 7 pm EET at Helsinki Airport, related to the labour dispute between the Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) and the service sector employer union Palta will considerably impact Finnair’s flights on Friday, even though Finnair is in no way party to the dispute.

”Due to the strike actions there will unfortunately be cargo restrictions for Friday, 17 March," says Jukka Glader, Finnair’s Head of Cargo Operations. "We are truly sorry for the inconvenience these strikes are causing Finnair customers and as we are forced to adjust Finnair traffic plan for Friday we kindly request our Cargo customers to take note of the following.

- No cargo can be accepted on European narrow-body flights arriving to Helsinki on Friday, 17 March between 1-7pm as there is no unloading/loading of narrow-body flights available due to the strike. Shipments booked for flights during the strike will be rebooked by our staff.

- The warehouse of our Cargo terminal in Helsinki will be closed on Friday, 17 March between 3-7pm. Therefore, no acceptance or delivery of cargo is available during those hours
. Finnish customers with export shipments for Friday, 17 March or the weekend (18-19 March) are advised to bring their shipments to our cargo terminal as early as possible, preferably already on Thursday.

- Wide-body flights departing Helsinki during the strike hours can only take part of their normal loads. Shipments that cannot be loaded on these flights will be rebooked by Finnair Cargo staff. Note! No cargo requiring temperature control in accordance with 'CRT +15to+25'C' can be accepted for transport on wide-body flights with normal departure time from/arrival to HEL during the strike hours.

- No cargo can be accepted on flight AY096 from Bangkok to Helsinki on Friday, 17 March.

For futher information on the strike please visit: Finnair flight status can be followed at .

Best regards


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